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2K22 Face Scan App | For one thing, the process of scanning your head into NBA 2K22 is lengthy and inconvenient, necessitating the use of the My NBA 2K22 Companion App for iOS or Android. NBA 2K22 is here, and it’s time for fans to upgrade from the previous edition. Along with roster upgrades and improvements to the quality of life, MyPlayer and The City modes offer new experiences for players.

2K22 Face Scan App
2K22 Face Scan App

While some players may relish the opportunity to get into the action immediately, others may want to take their time developing their characters. Customizing a character may take hours, particularly if you’re attempting to create a character that is a replica of yourself.

However, there is a method for speeding up this procedure. As with previous games, NBA 2K22 enables users to scan their faces to create characters that look exactly like them. Although the method is incapable of producing exact duplicates, it may be exact at times.

If you want to scan your face and customize your NBA 2K22 character, you’ll need a smartphone that supports the NBA 2K22 app. As of writing, the software was not yet accessible in the Google Play or Apple App stores, but it is expected to be released within a few days after passing through the standard approval processes.

2K22 Face Scan App
2K22 Face Scan App

On the home screen, search for and touch the Face Scan option. You’ll be asked to accept a set of terms and conditions before proceeding. Adhere to the on-screen instructions. The software will scan your face from various angles, and the whole procedure will take less than a minute. Once your face has been scanned, you may submit the findings to 2K’s servers.

After installing the app, create a MyPlayer account and link it to both NBA 2K22 and the MyNBA2K22 mobile app. Then, in the app, go to “Scan Your Face” and follow the on-screen instructions. It works similarly to last year and the year before, so you should have no problems if you follow the instructions precisely.

If you do a bad scan, the face scan function may not produce a good-looking face, therefore follow these guidelines to ensure the highest quality possible:

2K22 Face Scan App
2K22 Face Scan App

Ascertain that your face is illuminated evenly from the front with minimal shadows.
Maintain an eye-level position for the phone.
Maintain an about 18-inch distance between the phone and your face.
Gradually rotate your head to a maximum angle of 45 degrees.
As you swivel your chair, keep a forward-facing gaze.
Take care not to point your chin from side to side as you swivel your head.

Return to NBA 2K22 and go to the player creation page after successfully uploading the scan. Your face should show there once it has been scanned. If you are unable to see your face in NBA 2K22 after using the app, you may need to re-scan it, but ensure that you have a steady internet connection when uploading it to the servers. Additionally, there are a variety of potential issues that may arise during the procedure. As a result, in our NBA 2K22 Face Scan Tips – How to Scan Your Head tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

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