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Aj Love Island Before Plastic Surgery:- Andrea-Jane Bunker, often known as “AJ,” has lately arrived on the island as the latest bombshell. Rumors of a probable surgical procedure have begun to circulate.

Aj Love Island Before Plastic Surgery
Aj Love Island Before Plastic Surgery

Her entry was greeted with a reassurance that they should remain focused on the goal before everyone gathered around the campfire to become acquainted with the newcomer to the island.

On the 28-year-old Instagram account, she is shown in a shot from 2015, when she seems to be completely unrecognizable before her show makeover.

Her auburn hair is flowing down one side of her face, revealing her freckles, and she seems to be wearing no make-up at all.

When the true age of the next bombshell to join the villa was revealed, Love Island viewers were taken aback by the revelation.

Aj Love Island Before Plastic Surgery
Aj Love Island Before Plastic Surgery

In Wednesday night’s program, AJ Bunker strode into the villa in a tight black dress and a pair of sky-high black heels, a look that was immediately recognized.

While the females were discussing their fears about AJ stealing their husbands away, Faye threatened to pour some water on AJ’s head as she stepped into the room.

“I’ve got my eyes on the prize, lads,” AJ stated as she strolled into the room, causing the females to lose their minds.

She introduced herself as Andrea-Jane, but she informed them they may refer to her as AJ if they preferred.

AJ explained to them: “Because I’m among you guys, I’m feeling fantastic, even better than before. For a long time, I don’t recall being in the company of so many attractive men. “

The entrance of the hair extension specialist caused a commotion as the females felt scared by her presence and were forced to stand on the balcony and watch in horror as the guys got to know her.

Following AJ’s entrance into the villa, fans have been busy expressing their opinions on her age, with many assuming she has just had surgery.

The majority of people are shocked to learn that she is just 28 years old, with others blaming her appearance as “older” on possible cosmetic surgery.

A Twitter user observed the video. “This is what happens when you screw about with your face too much,” a Twitter user observed.

Aj Love Island Before Plastic Surgery
Aj Love Island Before Plastic Surgery

“Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct,” one admirer commented. “All of these young females today who are getting work done don’t seem to realize the consequences of what they are doing to their faces until they reach the age of 35 or more.”

Can you explain why Botox is a requirement for admittance into the villa? Is it a crime to be natural in your twenties at this point? “I’m very baffled as to what this program is attempting to promote in 2021,” another admirer said.

It was a surprise to many viewers when they learned that AJ was 28 years old, considering the majority of the other islanders were much younger, with only Rachel Finni being older than AJ, who is 29 years old.

One of our viewers said on Twitter: “So the new Love Island girl is 28 years old? But half the men in there are between the ages of 21 and 25. This season is summed up in a sentence.

At Wednesday’s program, AJ arrived glammed up and in a little black dress, which caused a commotion among the ladies in attendance.

“Keep your eyes on the prize, lads,” the 28-year-old revealed herself by purring.

Since her debut on ITV2, people have questioned her true age as well as if she has had any cosmetic surgery to make her seem younger than she really is.

Fans have been talking about AJ, and we investigated whether or not the rumors are real by looking at some of AJ’s older photos.

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