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Ateez World Tour 2022 Los Angeles | The beginning of the Ateez World Tour (formerly known as The Fellowship: Map The Treasure in Dallas) will bring the famous South Korean boy band ATEEZ back to their hometown of Dallas on January 27, 2022, at the Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie.

Ateez World Tour 2022 Los Angeles
Ateez World Tour 2022 Los Angeles


South Korean boy band Ateez was created in 2018 by KQ Entertainment, a talent agency based in Seoul. Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, Hinqjoong, San, Mingei, Jongho, and Wooyoung are the group’s eight members, also known as “Yunho.” The band appeared in reality television series.

Ateez World Tour 2022 Los Angeles
Ateez World Tour 2022 Los Angeles

Now that they have announced a global tour, they are ready to go with their incredible performances once again. The concert will take place the following year. There have been speculations about the event, but now it is set to take place in 2022!

Known as “the K-pop boy band that could break in America,” KQ Entertainment’s exceptional 8-member group set unprecedented records by selling out their first world tour. They went on to achieve chart success with their albums on multiple local and international charts. They even won a slew of awards both domestically and internationally, earning them the title of “the K-pop boy band that could break in America.”

It was done via the release of a video on YouTube and during their latest online performance, streamed live. The film has a solid visual effect and features an hourglass and a map. The title of the global tour is shown on the screen: THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END.

Additionally, on November 14, the band played in an internet concert for the first time. According to the audience, the show was heartwarming. The ATEEZ are putting in their best efforts to re-establish contact with their followers! ATEEZ made a triumphant return in September with the release of a bit of an album.

Ateez World Tour 2022 Los Angeles
Ateez World Tour 2022 Los Angeles

Initially intended for spring 2020 but postponed because of the flu epidemic, the tour will mark the group’s first return to the United States since their sold-out 2019 Expedition Tour dates. As a result of tremendous demand from its fans on MyMusicTaste, a worldwide online service that enables fans to request their favorite musicians to perform in their location, ATEEZ will go on its second tour of the United States.

On November 14, after their online concert “ATEEZ XR Show [FEVER: eXtended edition],” ATEEZ announced the start of their “The Fellowship: Beginning of the End” global tour, which will take place in 2022.

The COVID-19 epidemic forced the cancellation of ATEEZ’s last global tour, “The Fellowship: Map the Treasure,” which was scheduled in 2020. In conjunction with the announcement of the 2022 global tour, the group released a teaser video. Check it out in the video below!

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