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Brandon Hatmaker Affair:- In the Austin community, Jennifer and Brandon Hatmaker are well-known for their work with the New Church, which they founded in 2001. They also formed a community foundation in Austin, Texas, called Legacy Collective, to benefit the local community. A few of the organization’s objectives include the supply of cheap housing, the prevention of child trafficking, and the provision of health services.

Brandon Hatmaker Affair
Brandon Hatmaker Affair

After more than three decades of marriage, the pair announced their separation in August 2020. As a writer, Jen has released five books since starting her writing career, and she has been named a New York Times bestselling author in her profession on many occasions. On March 23, 2021, she will publish her most recent book, Simple & Free, which will include a collection of writings.

Furthermore, when it comes to Brandon’s work as a pastor, he was the founding pastor of a new church in Austin, which is a notable accomplishment.

Brandon Hatmaker Affair
Brandon Hatmaker Affair
  • Brandon Hatmaker Affair
  • Aside from television reality shows, Brandon and his family have made appearances on series such as Your Big Family Renovation, Brother vs. Brother, and Tiny House, where he and his wife may be seen along with their daughter.
  • Jen Hatmaker was Brandon Hatmaker’s first wife, and the two of them were the parents of two children.
  • According to the information provided in their relationship chronology, they first met when they were both attending college together.
  • Brandon and Jen had been dating for a year before they decided to take the plunge and get married in a formal ceremony.
  • The couple tied the knot on December 30, 1993, in a ceremony officiated by their parents, after a one-year romance.
  • Also, after more than three decades of marriage, they decided to terminate their partnership in September 2020 by filing for divorce in California.

Brandon is the author of three books, all of which are available on Amazon: The Justice Primer: An 8-Week Guide To Social Impact, Barefoot Church: Serving The Least In A Consumer Culture, and A Mile Wide. He’s also been on the television program “The Bachelorette” a couple of times.

They also appeared on the HGTV program My Big Family Renovation in 2015, which was hosted by their father. During the course of the program, which was hosted by Brandon and Jen, the couple dealt with the sale of their house and the renovation of a fixer-upper property.

According to his website, Brandon Hatmaker is a well-known author who also happens to be a preacher. Aside from that, he and his ex-wife Jen Hatmaker were the talks of the town when they participated in an HGTV program that was broadcast throughout the country.

The Hatmaker’s family was the major attraction at the event, and they even used the opportunity to exhibit their religious views to the crowd while they were on stage.

Brandon Hatmaker Affair
Brandon Hatmaker Affair

During the divorce, Jen said, in the caption of an Instagram post about it that was published in September 2020, “We are at a time with no playbook and without a single clue how to handle this personally, much less publicly.”

Brandon and I have decided to divorce. Brandon and I have decided to divorce. I’m not sure how to say it, and I can’t believe I’m even saying it, but Brandon and I have decided to divorce. Despite the fact that we are the only ones who are aware of the facts, this was completely unexpected, and I am still reeling from the shock as we talk. “

While both parties have opted to keep the specifics of their divorce private, there have been claims of Brandon having an affair, none of which has been proven or refuted by either side as of this writing.

“A request: please do not probe, ask, or push, even if you have a real concern,” she said. “Please do not pry, inquire, or push,” she added. Please do not bombard our phones, inboxes, or direct messages with unsolicited communications (or those of our friends). Simply keep us near to your heart and remember us on a regular basis. “

The co-founders of Austin New Church and Legacy Collective are also well-known writers who have written for a variety of media in addition to their roles as church planters.

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