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Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack | When you need to access a certain subterranean office in the heist of Cayo Perico in Grand Theft Auto Online, you will be required to provide your fingerprint. The hacking will begin as soon as the player takes out a fingerprint cloner of some kind, and that character is required to complete this task in order for the hacking to be completed properly.

Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack
Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack

However, although it is not necessary to match all of the photographs, some of the approaches fall under the category of overcoming the hacking system. The kind of heist accessible in GTA Online is something that players have been experimenting with, and they have been discovering mechanisms in different phases that may be of use to them in some manner.

Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack
Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack

Once you’ve initiated the task by using the planning board on the Submarine, you may either utilize the sub to quickly move closer to the Warehouse or drive there personally to complete it. Upon reaching your target, proceed up the left side of the Warehouse Door and interact with the Circuit Box to switch off the surveillance cameras.

Steps to do in order to get around the hacking system

  • The processes are pretty difficult, but it is critical to pay close attention to each step so that the player will be able to comprehend and follow them; otherwise, it will seem to be extremely confused.
  • The first stage will be to solve the top of the pyramid, which is a simple process.
  • The next step is locating the identical top on the other side of the page and then transferring it to the right side.
  • The next phase will be to locate the precise piece that you had used the previous time and to move it to the right side of the board once again.
  • Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack discovered that the players must repeat steps one and two as many times as possible in the most efficient way in order for it to operate. In order to begin hacking, enter the Warehouse and press [Right D-Pad] on the laptop’s keyboard.
  • Using [A/X] on the red letters as they pass by from left to right will allow you to finish the hack and generate a word on the screen.
  • Then, after you’ve finished with the Hack, depart from the Warehouse and go to the next waypoint, which will take you to the Archive, where the Fingerprint Cloner is kept.
Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack
Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack

Cayo Perico Fingerprint Hack

As soon as you get to the Archive, take out the two surveillance cameras above the entrance, then enter the building and check along with the left tables for the Fingerprint Cloner, which is located on the second floor. Finally, make your way back to your Kostaka to bring this operation to a successful conclusion.


Fingerprint hacking in the Cayo Perico has been a topic of discussion on some of the websites on the Internet, and many players of Grand Theft Auto Online have been looking for information to help them comprehend the situation better.

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