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Circadian Optics Net Worth | Using Circadian Optics, light therapy lamps may be used to bring the sun into your room whenever you need it. By launching her light treatment lamp company, Circadian Optics, Amber Leong claims to be living the American dream. Amber Leong was born in Malaysia and now resides in the Minnesota city of Minneapolis. Amber proposed her company to the Sharks on Season 11 of Shark Tank, asking for a $750,000 investment in exchange for a 10 percent stake in the company.

Circadian Optics Net Worth

The LED technology utilized in the lights is designed to mirror the color and brightness of natural daylight, which may aid in the maintenance of a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Its tiny and sleek appearance makes it a wonderful addition to any professional work environment. Amber Leong, a contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank, surprised investors with her narrative in October:

Circadian Optics Net Worth

What was the genesis of Circadian Optics?

Amber Long, the creator of Circadian Optics, is originally from Malaysia and was able to complete her Finance degree in the United States because of the support of her parents. So she went on to work relentlessly in a financial position in Minnesota, where she could give back to her parents and siblings.

Because of her long work hours, frequent screen time, and limited exposure to sunshine, while working in a dark office, her sleep and health began to deteriorate. She discovered light therapy and purchased a light therapy lamp to use at home. It assisted her in feeling better and regaining her health. However, since the light she was using was so large and unwieldy, her colleagues mocked her about it a great deal.

What happened to Circadian Optics after they were rejected by Shark Tank?

On the season 11 episode of Shark Tank, the creator of Circadian Optics was successful in closing a transaction with the investors. However, after the broadcast, it was discovered that the transaction with Sharks Greiner and Cuban had not gone through as scheduled. The exact reason why the transaction failed has not yet been revealed.

Circadian Optics, on the other hand, has received a great deal of positive attention since participating in the 11th season of Shark Tank. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and several other publications have all written on the light treatment startup.

What happened to Circadian Optics? Is the company still in business today?

Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamps is still in operation today, which confirms that the company is still in operation. Following their appearance on Shark Tank, they have subsequently developed more light designs. The lights are available for purchase on Amazon as well as on the company’s own website.

Circadian Optics Net Worth

What is the current market value of Circadian Optics?

The Shark Tank episode featured Amber Leong, who indicated that her firm, Circadian Optics Light Therapy, is worth $7.4 million at the time of the broadcast. For the time being, the company’s net worth in the year 2020 is not publicly available. The company’s current value, based on her disclosed estimated revenues for 2019, of $5.6 million, might be in the neighborhood of $13 million. That’s when she realized she had a unique chance to fill a need in the market.

She came up with the idea of creating light therapy lamps that are fashionable, tiny, and portable. Amber Leong was motivated to create a light-therapy lamp company after working in a corporate environment where she had little exposure to the sun. Her products include a variety of lamps that simulate natural sunshine for employees’ workstations inside.

Circadian Optics Net Worth

And, in June, while recording an episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Leong found herself presenting her startup, Circadian Optics, to the Sharks, who listened intently. “I am a huge fan of the program,” Leong said in an interview with CNBC Make It. Consequently, back in 2016, when I began the company, I joked around with friends and family that one day I’d be on ‘Shark Tank.'” While enduring “difficult” Minnesota winters, Leong came up with the concept for her lamp collection (which retails for $45 to $70).

A one-way trip from the suburbs of Malaysia’s tropical capital to a frigid Minnesota college when she was 20 years old helped Leong overcome a life-threatening illness and go on to establish a thriving light-therapy firm despite having no previous engineering training.

Circadian Optics, a $4 million firm located in Minneapolis, received a total of $750,000 in funding from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, according to the company. The Sharks even went above and above by including an additional $50,000 in their offer for Leong’s parents, who had liquidated their retirement money to send their daughter to the United States and, finally, to the pitch of a lifetime.


Circadian Optics’ light therapy lamps, according to the business, not only aid in the restoration of normal circadian rhythm but also promote the release of serotonin in the brain. People who have been diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, particularly those who are experiencing moderate symptoms of “winter blues,” may benefit from exposure to sunlight-like light.

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