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Daughter Of Polonius In Hamlet | Polonius is a devoted and caring father who takes pride in his children. In his opening sentence, he informs us that he is hesitant to let his son Laertes go overseas, and he describes his final encounter with Laertes as a way of expressing his reluctance to see him leave. Polonius tells his daughter Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet because he is concerned about her well-being in the same scene.

Daughter Of Polonius In Hamlet
Daughter Of Polonius In Hamlet

Possible answer:

  • O
  • P
  • H
  • E
  • L
  • I
  • A

The crossword puzzle Daughter of Polonius and Hamlet’s lover with 7 letters was last featured on July 12, 2020, in The New York Times. The most plausible candidate for this clue is OPHELIA, in our opinion. The following list contains all potential answers to this clue, sorted by their relevancy. By selecting the number of letters in the response, you may simply increase the quality of your search.

Daughter Of Polonius In Hamlet
Daughter Of Polonius In Hamlet

Compared to the dysfunctional family unit created by Claudius, Gertrude, and Hamlet, the stable and joyful family unit of Polonius, Laertes, and Ophelia is a sharp contrast. Polonius’s family’s pleasure is mirrored in his children’s reactions to his death, which demonstrates how happy they are. Ophelia becomes insane as a result of Laertes’s zealous pursuit of vengeance, which causes her to lose her mind.

Polonius is also a major source of comedic relief for Hamlet, who relies on him heavily. As a humorous character, he repeatedly demonstrates that he is less smart than he believes himself to be. When he ingeniously declares in Act Two that “brevity is the spirit of wit” (II.ii), he does so in the midst of a tediously lengthy monologue, which makes the statement all the more effective.

The fact that Polonius makes such a fool of himself relates to one of Hamlet’s core themes: the difficulty of overcoming one’s own convictions. With Polonius’s hilarious lack of self-awareness, Hamlet’s existential battle with self-knowledge is given a comedic counterpoint in the play. Polonius, in this way, provides an alternate and considerably less radical viewpoint on the difficulty of knowing oneself fully, one that is far more realistic.

Daughter Of Polonius In Hamlet
Daughter Of Polonius In Hamlet

This contrast between Polonius and Hamlet emerges in a striking example of irony in Act Three, when Hamlet wrongly murders Polonius, believing it is Claudius, resulting in the death of Polonius. However, whilst Polonius’s lack of self-awareness proves to be ultimately harmless, Hamlet’s lack of self-assurance leads him to commit his first act of violence, which results in a total and catastrophic failure.

Meanwhile, Polonius exposes himself to be a parent who is far from ideal in every way. To spy on his son, he enlists the help of Reynaldo, and he uses his daughter as bait in an attempt to deceive Hamlet. Polonius’ actions demonstrate that even relationships that seem to be loving are ambiguous in Hamlet, a fact that adds to the play’s overall sense of ambiguity and doubt.

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