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Drew Tlc Weight Loss:- Despite his nervousness, Drew, 43, had avoided weighing himself for more than a decade until deciding to do so in the third episode. He was shocked to learn that he weighed 670 pounds. He usually wears a size 18X in his typical clothes. Previously, Stewart and his two cousins, Naomi and Chitika, together weighed more than 2,000 pounds as a whole.

Drew Tlc Weight Loss
Drew Tlc Weight Loss

Stewart suffered a significant setback as a consequence of this. His out-of-control portions, sugary drinks, and lack of exercise had all piled up without him realizing what he had done. He then took a hard look in the mirror and realized what he had done. “I had almost completely abandoned myself,” he said.

Drew Tlc Weight Loss
Drew Tlc Weight Loss

Drew Tlc Weight Loss

  • It was a bit of a surprise when Stewart went to the doctor for the first time since things did not go as smoothly as expected.
  • On examination, it was discovered that he had sleep apnea as well as high blood pressure and diabetes, all of which were cured with medication.
  • His doctor also advised him that he would have to wait six months before getting surgery, during which time he would be required to lose at least 50 pounds in order to qualify.
  • “I’ve been a complete couch potato since the procedure,” he said. “I’ve just recently been more mobile, and the weight is starting to fall off.” –
  • formalized paraphrase that is all because I’ve been feeling fantastic about myself and that everything has been going really well. ”
  • Drew seems to be motivated by the activities in which he is able to engage, and he believes that he has become more gregarious than he has ever been in his whole life.
Drew Tlc Weight Loss

Then they rose to fame as the stars of TLC’s Family By The Ton, which tracked each of their weight-loss journeys to the operating room from the beginning to the conclusion. For Stewart alone, his starting weight was 673 pounds. He has lost 175 pounds so far, and he is continuously losing weight.

Drew manages to keep on track with his weight loss goals most of the time, despite the temptations of fast food that sometimes beckon him to indulge. The psychological work of figuring out “what your relationship with food is” has proved to be the most challenging element of his weight-loss quest, as has to maintain self-control.

When Stewart learned about the situation, he became enraged since he wanted to get the treatment completed as quickly as possible. In hindsight, I see how critical the previous period of time was, and I didn’t realize how critical it was until after I had the procedure. “

As part of his six-month preparation for surgery, Stewart underwent a complete overhaul of his diet, as well as the integration of physical activity into his daily routine. The nutritionist supported him in establishing control over his portion sizes and learning about the kinds of meals he should be eating on a consistent basis.

Drew Tlc Weight Loss
Drew Tlc Weight Loss

The fact that he wasn’t a “comfort eater” or a “genuine food lover,” he said, meant that the diet alterations were less difficult for him than they were for other individuals. Overall, I was consuming food at an inappropriate time of day and with improper ingredients.

Stewart was completely unaware of the fact that he weighed more than 600 pounds until an old friend brought it to his attention. Men, did you give up on life? ‘ He said of me when I met him for the first time in ten years. I clarified that I had not done so. Stewart had a vivid memory of the episode.

The fact that I am overweight is something about which I am unhappy. In other situations, he says, “I feel like I’m wearing a giant suit like I’m wearing a big fat suit.” “All I want is to get it off and go back to my normal weight,” says the patient. “There’s a problem with the health care system here.”

Not at all. His upbringing was jam-packed with activities, and he even made the high school football team at one point in his career. The boy characterized himself as “just an ordinary child” who “rode bicycles, enjoyed swimming, and played basketball,” among other activities.

“Throughout high school, I was an athlete who worked out, played football, and after practice, I would go home and run a full-court basketball game, so I didn’t pay attention to what I was eating or other such things because I knew that I would burn it off through physical activity,” says the athlete.

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