Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth

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Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth | Elizabeth’s relationship with Kelly Dodd assisted her in earning her orange in season 15 of the show. Fans are already aware of the Missouri native’s extravagant lifestyle despite the fact that the new season has only been airing for two weeks. She’s also not scared to disclose personal information and is open and honest in talks with others. An American reality TV star, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, with a net worth of $30 million. Cher is famous for appearing on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth
Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth

About Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc

It was only after she initially came on the scene that she said that she was formerly married to a rich guy, but they split up three years before. While she’s in a relationship, her current partner was never intimate with her, since her ex-husband was previously married. Elizabeth’s relationship with Kelly Dodd helped her earn her orange in Season 15. A large segment of the population is aware of the flashy lifestyle of the Missouri native two weeks into the new season.


While she does still have no fear of sharing personal details, she is also very open and honest in conversations. The very first episode gave a glimpse into Elizabeth’s love history. She dates and marries anyone she wants to, regardless of their gender. When Elizabeth started shooting her first season of the show, she was divorced. She published an Instagram post stating that her divorce was complete in July.

Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth


Elizabeth is the CEO of an online music video business called Edge Music Network which she has characterized as a contemporary digital equivalent of MTV. In 2015 she acquired rights from the biggest music publishing organization in the world, Universal Music. The business currently has a variety of license agreements.

Love Life

She joined the cast of the Bravo reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County ahead of the 15th season which began in October 2020. She was hired as a cast member when Tamra Judge was dismissed. Season 15 also includes cast members like Kelly Dodd, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson, and Braunwyn Windham-Burke. The Real Housewives series has had spin-off shows in various places such as New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Beverly Hills, Potomac, Miami, Dallas, and Salt Lake City.

Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth
Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth

Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth

Titbit is a Norwegian-US businessman with an approximate net worth of $200 million, as stated by Reality Titbit. He is also the former CEO of US Seafood, one of North America’s largest companies for seafood, at the age of 67.

Ex-Elizabeth is not new to the world of reality television – he was just one episode in 2012 on the reality show Undercover Boss. Bodal also plays bass and played Pearl Jam, the popular rock group Eddie Vedder. In the first episode of the season, Elizabeth admitted that the couple was not working out because he had an affair with a woman and a boy.

During her first season, Elizabeth was frank and honest with her followers. She added that since her father was a traveling preacher, the family didn’t have a lot of money and had to move around a lot when she was little. Elizabeth, on the other hand, opted to build her own nest egg after marrying into a wealthy family and is now the CEO of an online music firm. In addition, according to Cheat Sheet, she is worth a considerable sum.

Elizabeth revealed intimate facts about her romantic past in the very first episode of the series. She spoke up about who she’s seeing right now, as well as who she was married to in the past.

According to Decider, Elizabeth was going through a divorce at the time her first season of RHOC production began. In an Instagram Story from July, she informed her followers that her divorce had been finalized. Elizabeth claimed that she felt “thrilled” and “sad” at the same time and that she didn’t know what to make of it.

Real Housewives of Orange County might be considered the foremothers of our beloved reality television program, ‘The Real Housewives of…,’ which debuted in 2005. If you’ve ever seen Bravo’s famous reality program, Women of Beverly Hills, you’ve probably noticed that the housewives that appear on the show look to enjoy an exceedingly lavish lifestyle.

On the program, we get glimpses of their extravagant lifestyle, which includes everything from dining at the most exclusive restaurants to frequent botox and filler treatments. These ladies certainly know how to earn and spend their money wisely.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the reality TV beauty’s net worth is projected to be $30 million, making her the wealthiest housewife on the Orange County program, according to the website. But how did she get such a large fortune? In terms of defining how she gained such a significant quantity of money, Elizabeth’s Season 15 slogan, “I earned my money the old-fashioned way, marrying it than earning more,” is absolutely correct.

In the just-concluded Season 15 of “The Real Ladies of Orange County,” virtually all of the housewives moved into larger homes, claiming that they needed more room. Living in Orange County is unquestionably a costly endeavor, and sustaining the lifestyle that the women are used to necessitates a certain level of financial resources.

Despite the fact that all of the housewives seem to be well-off, some are far richer than the rest. Here is a list of five Orange County women whose net worth may astound you, based on their social media presence.


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