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How to play Kahoot | Kahoot is a game-occupied learning platform that makes it simple to create, share, and play learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. It is getable for both iOS and Android devices. Bring the excitement into the classroom, the workplace, and the family room! Kahoots are most enjoyed when played with a group of people.

How to play Kahoot
How to play Kahoot

To participate in a game, you must have a PIN that is unique to you. If you’re the one in charge of the game, you’ll need a large screen. Players respond using their own devices, while the questions are posted on a shared screen for everyone to see.

How to play Kahoot
How to play Kahoot

Additionally, in addition to live games, you can also send Kahoot tasks to participants, who may complete them at their own speed – such as for homework or remote training, for example.

Create your own Kahoot and play them at school, at home, and at work to engage your students and teach them new skills as they have fun! Students, instructors, office superheroes, trivia aficionados, and lifetime learners may all benefit from Kahootmagical !’s learning experience.

Premium characteristics include:

It is our goal to maintain Kahoot! Completely free for instructors and their students as part of our aim to make learning wonderful for everyone. Sophisticated features, such as a picture library with millions of photos and advanced question kinds, such as riddles, surveys, open-ended questions, and slides, are available as optional upgrades that may be purchased separately. Users will need a paid membership in order to make use of these services.

How to play Kahoot
How to play Kahoot

Students may participate in Kahoot which is being held live

  • Complete tasks at your own leisure.
  • Use flashcards and other study modes to learn at home or on the move.
    Study leagues are a great way to compete with your friends.
  • You can also challenge your friends with kahoots you’ve discovered or written.
  • You can even host kahoots live for family and friends right from your mobile device, which is quite convenient.


Encourage participants to make and share their own Kahoot when a game is completed. With one of our premium programs for schools or businesses, you may co-create games with your colleagues and save time by only searching for Kahoot that is relevant to your class or company’s training needs.

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