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Jessika Power Before Surgery:- Originally from the United States, Jessika Power is of white-Caucasian ancestry and nationality. She started her professional career as an administrative officer in Australia before deciding to pursue modeling as a vocation. She has an Instagram account with more than 300,000 followers, which attracted a significant amount of attention after receiving coverage in publications such as “Who Magazine,” “The Daily Mail,” and “Yahoo Lifestyle.”

Jessika Power Before Surgery
Jessika Power Before Surgery

It’s frequently said that beauty comes at a cost, and for Jessika Power, that cost is $60,400. Earlier this week, the former Married At First Sight actress shocked fans by disclosing the entire amount she had spent on cosmetic treatments since April 2019.

She documented her surgical and non-surgical transformations with the hashtag # TransformationThursday, which included cheek filler, Botox injections in her jaw and forehead, and lip injections, among other things.

Beauty is not inexpensive! In a shocking revelation this week, Jessika Power revealed that she had spent $60,400 on cosmetic treatments since April of this year. Before and after pictures of her post-surgery metamorphosis

Jessika Power Before Surgery
Jessika Power Before Surgery

In addition to the veneers, she spent $13,500 on a fat transfer from her thighs to her breasts, $1,800 on face Botox, and another $1,200 on “jaw slimming.” According to the Daily Telegraph, Jessika spent $40,000 on veneers and another $1,200 on “jaw slimming.”

While she was younger, Jessika had lip injections, which turned out to be a “botched job.” In addition to being embroiled in a cheating controversy with Dan Webb on MAFS, she’s perhaps most known for her propensity for cosmetic surgery. Following her time on MAFS, Jessica decided to expand her horizons and explore the realm of cosmetic modifications a little further.

It cost her $16,000 to have an autologous fat transfer, in which fat cells were harvested from her “problem regions” and redeposited into her breasts, resulting in a size reduction from a B cup to a D cup.

In the wake of her debut on the reality television program “Married at First Sight” (MAFS), Jessika Power gained widespread attention. Jessika Power was born on October 2nd, 1992 in Perth, Western Australia, and is an Australian actress.

Jessika Power Before Surgery

  • Jessika Power was given the name Jessika Power Permit by her father, Troy Power after she was born.
  • Jessika Power grew up with her brother, Rhyce Power, and their mother, Mary Power.
  • It was a private institution in Australia where she received her high school education.
  • “I gained a little weight during MAFS, but after eating well and exercising regularly, I was able to lose a little weight.”
  • “There was also a lot of tension associated with my break-up with Dan (Webb, from MAFS),” the actress said to New Idea at the time.
  • Jess, on the other hand, wasn’t always into botox and fillers.
  • When the season six bride released some rare flashback photos of herself before she’d had any of her surgical or cosmetic treatments, it was around a year ago.

“It’s awkward to be sharing these,” Jessika said in the caption of a photo she posted to her Instagram Stories in April 2015.

It’s funny since I’d only ever had lip filler before the program, and it was just a year or two before I started filming. Married At First Sight bride Jessika Power was branded “Davina Rankin 2.0” after her appearance on the show, and now she’s preparing to go on Big Brother’s VIP.

Known for her outrageous antics, the 29-year-old former administrative officer and her colorful family from Perth-have you seen her handsome brother Rhyce?!-have dominated the news with their antics this year. To be honest, we’d almost completely forgotten that Jessika Power had been paired with farmer Mick Gould on MAFS since they were such diametrically opposed personalities.

Jessika Power Before Surgery
Jessika Power Before Surgery

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