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Landscapes For Learning Net Worth | Craig Hill, a Welsh carpenter, received Peter’s support for his economical line of outdoor learning equipment, which is targeted at cash-strapped primary schools, nurseries, and daycare centers. The equipment Craig’s company, ‘Landscapes For Learning,’ provides everything from mud kitchens and balancing beams to sandpits and scales, and is a high-quality, inexpensive alternative to the high-priced catalog equipment and low-cost pallet-based products now available on the market.

Landscapes For Learning Net Worth
Current assets£175.48kFixed assets£37.57kCurrent creditors£71.43kShareholders funds£133.94k
NET WORTH£11,057.00£25,743.00
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS£28,254.00£87,143.00

Craig stated, “Having worked as a teacher in secondary, primary and special education needs settings over a 13-year period and speaking with many of my teacher friends, I am aware that, despite their best efforts, many primary schools, nurseries, and daycare centers across the country are unable to provide enough outdoor, messy, exploratory play opportunities to their children because they lack the necessary funds, and as a result, they frequently receive poor Ofsted inspection ratings.”

Landscapes For Learning Biography

“By combining this insight with my carpentry skills, I set out to redress the balance, working in collaboration with schools to develop a range of accessible outdoor equipment that allows children to continue their education outdoors in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment while also reaping the benefits of sensory play.”

Landscapes For Learning Net Worth

“As the primary breadwinner for our family, making the choice to leave teaching was very difficult,” Craig said. However, after my daughter’s injury, I was in a state of extreme distress and was unable to continue as I had been. I wanted to find a method to provide for my family while simultaneously improving my mental health, and I discovered that working with my hands and making something out of nothing was immensely helpful for my mental health.

When I was certified as a carpenter, it seemed like a fresh start, and everything quickly began to fall back into place once more.” Craig’s decision to switch careers from teacher to carpenter was prompted by the death of his daughter Eirian, who was 2 at the time, who experienced a ‘drop attack’ and fell backward into an open fire.

Craig was able to extinguish the flames, but not before Eirian sustained severe burns to her back and legs, requiring months of intense treatment and skin grafts to restore her appearance.

Having trouble dealing with the emotional fallout from the incident, Craig began to experience depression as he attempted to manage his job and home lives with difficulties. He eventually committed himself. Craig ultimately made the choice to leave his teaching position and worked as a deck builder for a few friends over the summer that followed.

Landscapes For Learning Net Worth

He discovered that he was naturally gifted with his hands and that he liked the task. Jobs came in via recommendations and referrals until he was able to learn and qualify as a carpenter and embark on his adventure to create ‘Landscapes for Learning,’ which he calls his passion.

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