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Marko Grilc Death:- Marko Grilc, one of Slovenia’s most successful snowboarders, died in an accident involving his snowboard in the Austrian ski resort of Sölden. Grilc was one of the most successful snowboarders in the country. According to sources, he was part of a film team evaluating a scene in which he slipped and hit his head on a snow-covered rocky ledge in a narrow part of the station.

Marko Grilc Morte
Marko Grilc Morte

È un giorno di blackout per gli snowboarder in questo particolare giorno. Martedì a Sölden, in Austria, è stato scoperto il corpo di Marko Grilc, uno sloveno residente in Austria. Secondo l’APA e la polizia, il motociclista, che aveva 38 anni al momento dell’incidente, stava valutando un cantiere per un tour quando è crollato.

Marko Grilc Morte
Marko Grilc Morte

Marko Grilc Morte

  • Austrian news agency APA reported that the man died after falling while snowboarding down a steep hill in thick snow as the film crew was preparing to shoot a scene.
  • He was hit in the head by a piece of snow and died of his injuries.
  • When the 38-year-old from Ljubljana was arrested, the police found that he was not wearing a helmet at the time of his arrest.
  • He lost his balance and collided with a snowy rocky outcrop, fracturing his face and breaking his neck.
  • Grilc is generally regarded as one of the most established freestyle snowboarders in the Slovenian nation and has won numerous awards for his achievements.
  • He has four podiums in the Coupe du Monde, including a triumph in the acrobatic jumping category, achieved in London in 2010.
  • According to 24hour.com, this year he made films about snowboarding and promoted sport among young people, as well as promoting a number of commercial products.

Grilc ha subito un infortunio mentre faceva snowboard in Austria nel 2016 e l’evento è stato raccontato in dettaglio. Un’ambulanza lo ha portato d’urgenza al Centro medico regionale di Schladming dopo aver subito un trauma cranico. È stato curato lì. A quel tempo, affermò di aver “snowboardato con gli angeli”, il che era accurato.

Secondo l’American Press Association, le apparecchiature che lo seguivano hanno cercato di rianimarlo, ma il primo team medico sul posto non è stato in grado di confermare la sua morte fino a quando non sono arrivati ​​sul posto, secondo il rapporto.

As reported by 24hour.com, the hapless snowboarder and his tour planning team were headed to Sölden, Austria to inspect the terrain for the upcoming tour, according to the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

Marko Grilc Morte
Marko Grilc Morte

Due to his lack of protection, his skull would have been hit by a rock with great force. If it hadn’t been for the prompt intervention of those who came to his aid, the Slovenian would have died instantly. Before the start of the 2010 season, the athlete, married and father of two was considered one of the top Slovenian big air experts.

X Games gold medalist Marko Grilc, a personal friend of Austrian champion Anna Gasser, amassed an impressive collection of medals and triumphs, including a victory in the Innsbruck Air & Style competition and four podiums at the Coupe, du monde. In 2013, he decided to leave the competition to pursue a career in video creation.

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