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Martin Kemp Brain Tumor:- Martin Kemp initially became aware of a suspicious bump on the back of his skull more than two decades ago. Doctors at the time revealed that he had two brain tumors after doing an MRI scan on his brain. The bigger of the two was located close to his skull, while the smaller one was located deep inside his brain.

Martin Kemp Brain Tumor
Martin Kemp Brain Tumor

Despite the fact that Martin Kemp has been a household name since the early 1980s, his life hasn’t always been easy for him. Having reunited with his band Spandau Ballet after years of illness and a hiatus in their once-glorious career, he is the subject of a major new documentary and will embark on a global tour the next year.

Martin Kemp is best known to some as the bassist for the band Spandau Ballet, but to others, he is best remembered for his part in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. At first sight, Martin Kemp, the former EastEnders actor, and 80s pop heartthrob seemed to be on the road to a successful comeback.

Martin Kemp Brain Tumor
Martin Kemp Brain Tumor

Martin Kemp Brain Tumor

  • Martin was a perfect candidate, and the therapy was a complete and resounding success.
  • Martin has previously discussed how his trauma caused him to suffer from severe dyslexia, which has resulted in the actor being unable to even read a screenplay.
  • “It’s strange, a couple wires are clearly in need of soldering,” he said.
  • And, as anybody who has dyslexia can attest, it is a difficult task.
  • The text skips and slides when I read a script, which means I have to take my time and read it carefully.
  • “It also makes it difficult for me to read books.”
  • I’ve tried many times, but my brain just will not cooperate, and if it sees a book right now, it will bolt!
  • The gadget that was used to treat him was a forerunner of the Gamma Knife that is used today.

Martin established the London Gamma Knife Centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital on September 4, 2009, fourteen years after receiving his original diagnosis of cancer. The Gamma Knife is still being used to effectively treat patients who, like Martin, have brain tumors that are too large for standard surgery to remove.

However, not everything is as it seems. He is now epileptic, reliant on medicine, and so dyslexic that he is unable to read even a screenplay as a result of his long struggle with brain tumors that threatened to take his life.

It’s difficult, but I’m able to tell people, ‘Look at me, you, too, can go through something like this.’ With a new campaign to increase awareness of childhood brain cancer and urge parents to recognize the signs and symptoms early, he is doing precisely that.

Martin Kemp Brain Tumor
Martin Kemp Brain Tumor

His life was turned upside down in 1995 when it was revealed that he had two brain tumors, the largest of which was the size of a grapefruit. Martin is now 52 years old. Although major surgery and radiation saved his life, he was left with long-term damage and the possibility that the illness would reoccur in the future.

Martin has accomplished a great deal during his career, but what many people are unaware of is that he has also experienced a great deal in his personal life, most notably when he was diagnosed with two brain tumors.

The bassist for Spandau Ballet has always been a popular choice for families throughout the United Kingdom, but his career was on the verge of being ended when he was diagnosed with two brain tumors. Martin, 59, was thrown into complete disarray in 1995 when he discovered he had lesions in his brain, one of which was the size of a grapefruit.

The outlook was not encouraging. In this case, the bigger tumor was effectively removed by the surgeons. Unfortunately, the second tumor was in such a dangerous place that surgery was deemed very unsafe. Surgery may cause irreversible damage to the healthy tissue in his brain, which might result in his death. Martin’s wife started investigating other options.

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