Roblox Imposter Codes

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Roblox Imposter Codes | In this Roblox game, you will be playing as an imposter, inspired by the famous online game Among Us, and listed here are all active Roblox Imposter codes, which users can use to obtain free in-game goodies like skins and other items.

Roblox Imposter Codes
Roblox Imposter Codes

The awards do not give players any substantial advantages, but they allow you to personalize your character’s appearance to a limited extent.

Roblox Imposter Codes
Roblox Imposter Codes

Codes that have expired but were impersonated

  • Codes will expire shortly. However, the list is now empty.
  • Free Mask due to social distance > code reward
  • code reward = gift for followers on Twitter.
  • The code reward for ROCKTOBER is a gift.
  • > code reward = gift for the GAMER
  • Free Animal Hoodie as a result of participating in the beta test.
  • I appreciate your patience> code reward = gift (This offer expired on September 11, 2020.)
  • > code reward = gift for Halloween 2020.

What Is The Best Way To Play Imposter?

  • To successfully execute your mission, pretend to be an innocent crewmate. Make use of your detective abilities to figure out who is up to no good.
  • Impersonate your buddies, cheat and lie to them, and then kill them.
  • Free private servers allow you to play with your pals.
Roblox Imposter Codes
Roblox Imposter Codes

How to Redeem Roblox Imposter Codes – What is it?

  • Step 1: If you want to redeem codes at Impostor, you’ll have to wait until you reach the lobby screen.
  • Step 2: You may find yourself joining a game as a ghost in the midst of it, and you will be unable to input codes.
  • Step 3: Once you are in the lobby, you may click on the code button, after which you can click on the redemption button to get your prize.

Instructions on How to Redeem Imposter Codes

If a match is already in progress, you will be unable to input codes. At the lobby screen, choose the codes button and enter any of the principles listed above before pressing the redeem button. Following that, you will get a prize based on the code you entered.


The Imposter is a game in which crewmates compete to figure out who the fictitious crewmate is in the group of friends. It is possible for the Imposter to emerge triumphantly and to win the whole game by using deceit and lying. If you’re playing with friends or simply a random bunch of individuals, this is a fantastic game to play.

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