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Sharrieff Shah Net Worth

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Sharrieff Shah Net Worth
Sharrieff Shah Net Worth

Sharrieff Shah Net Worth | Jen Shah, the current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills diva, is married to Sharrieff Shah, and the couple has two children. This is why Jen referred to her husband in the first episode as Coach Shah. Shah is the Utah Football Team’s coordinator and co-special teams co-captain. Shah, like Karim Abdul Jabbar (now known as Abdul Karim-Al Jabbar), was an attorney and a prominent NFL player agent in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Sharrieff Shah made $463,525 as an assistant cook at Utah University in 2018, according to public reports. The Utes posted 9-5 this year and they continued competing in the Holiday Bowl, where they lost 31-20, against the northwest.

Sharrieff Shah Net Worth
Sharrieff Shah Net Worth

Sharrieff Shah hailed from Los Angeles and shared a certain degree of truth behind L.A.’s bad reputation portrayed in movies and books. While growing up, life wasn’t easy for him, but his parents certainly showed him the right path to tackle the obstacles of life and life in the streets of L.A.


He returned to Utah in 2012. Shah is now in his eighth season as a Coach Cornerback and his second as a Coordinator of Special Teams. This Saturday, 14 November, real housewives viewers will see him challenge UCLA, despite the fact that the game has been canceled due to a COVID 19 outbreak in the Utes’ locker room. Shah grew up Mormon but converted to Islam after learning about her previous religion’s historical mistreatment of black people.

Sharrieff Shah Net Worth


Jen is the owner of three businesses: JAX Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes. Fans of RHOSLC know that Jen has always been a little sketchy about her money and how she acquired it. As with the majority of other Housewives, she was self-sufficient and did not rely on her husband’s wealth — Sharrieff Shah was a practicing attorney for many years before becoming an NFL agent and eventually coaching the University of Utah’s cornerbacks for the last decade, according to his bio on the University of Utah’s website.

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Sharrieff Shah Net Worth
Sharrieff Shah Net Worth

Jen “attempted to clarify her profession” at the season finale of RHOSLC, Bustle claimed, but it just added to the bewilderment for viewers and her fellow Housewives. She said that she worked in advertising and direct marketing. Additionally, she said in a second Bustle piece that she is the CEO of three businesses: JXA Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes. Shah is allegedly valued at about $3 million, but her financial situation is expected to suffer significantly as a result of her imprisonment.

Sharrieff Shah Net Worth

Even though his parents got divorced at an early age, their co-parenting agreement did work pretty well for Sharrieff. Sharrieff often cited his anonymous father as a role model and best friend. He even cited their relationships like the one between ‘Tre’ and ‘Furious’ in Boyz ‘n’ the Hood.

In L.A, Sharrieff witnessed both devastations brought by gang violence and the crack epidemic and the shift of the culture with the rise of fashion, music, art, among other things. But, listening to his calling in football, he moved from L.A. to Utah in 1989. Whereas, he left most of his family behind in his hometown and was angry that he had to move.

Thirty years later, he expressed gratefulness towards his father as it was the best decision that was ever made regarding his future. More on that, he also has a brother named Karim Abdul Jabbar who also played football for Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, and Indianapolis Colts.

Before Sharrieff Shah joined the coaching staff at the University of Utah, he actually played on the team himself. Sharrieff started as a safety for the Utes for three seasons between 1990 and 1993. He injured his neck during his senior year season, which prevented him from continuing to play.

After he graduated with a Political Science degree in 1994, Sharrieff got his Master’s in exercise and sport science.

He went to law school at the University of Utah as well. After graduating from law school, he worked as a lawyer for 12 years, spending part of his time as a business litigator and the remainder as a trial lawyer.

Despite the fact that he was preoccupied with legal matters, Sharrieff maintained his involvement with football. Meanwhile, he worked as a licensed agent with the National Football League Players Association, where he assisted players in obtaining contracts with the club.

He also worked as a sideline reporter for a Utah-based ESPN affiliate station, and he assisted athletes in their preparations for the NFL Combine.

Having made the transition to full-time coaching in 2012, Sharrieff now serves as the cornerback’s coach for the Utah Utes. January addition, he serves as a coordinator for special teams, a role he was appointed to in 2019.

Although there is no current information on Sharrieff’s income, it was previously reported that he earned $463,525 in 2018 as a coach.

His football career began in 1990 after migrating to Utah from the state of New York. His career, however, was cut short after three seasons out of four due to a neck injury incurred while playing in only three games of his senior season.

In 1991, he was named to the Western Athletic Conference’s honorable mention all-safety team after serving as the team captain. Sharrieff was also named the Sports Illustrated National Defensive Player of the Week, which was a double honor.

In addition, after his team’s victory against Oregon State in 1991, he was named Player of the Week in Utah. He qualified for the Western Athletic Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships each of his three years.

As for Sharrieff’s coaching background, he has tutored cornerbacks and has successfully sent five cornerback converts into the National Football League. In addition, he guided Jaylon Johnson to All-America honors in football in 2019. In the same vein, he coached Julian Blackmon, who was selected to the Indianapolis Colts’ 2020 draught class.


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