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Super Potty Trainer Net Worth | Judy Abrahams and her business clients Chris Guerrera, both from New Hampshire, utilized the perfect platform for growing enterprises to pitch their ideas and firms to a panel of industry moguls on ‘Shark Tank’ season 12, episode 25. The duo presented the Sharks on their Super Potty Trainer product, which they claim will not engage in an investment arrangement for any reason other than to make a profit.

Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

About Super Potty Trainer

Their one-of-a-kind Potty Trainer captured the interest of a large number of program watchers, especially youngsters. As such, we dug deep to learn all we could talk about Super Potty Trainer to help us! The secret to successfully selling a product on ‘Shark Tank.’ However, you must have great sales statistics, complete information, and a strategy in place. If not, you will become a sitting duck.

Super Potty Trainer Biography

The Super Potty Trainer team led by Judy Abrahams and Christopher Guerrera produced an excellent product. However, there are not many to boast about; the duo got into serious trouble when they demanded a 10% share of $300,000.

Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

The Super Potty Trainers were created jointly by Judy Abrahams and her business partner, Christopher Guerrera. Judy has a bachelor’s degree in law. Chris is the founder and owner of PACE Venture Capital. It enables entrepreneurs to self-finance. Both remain involved in the company, which is distributed through the internet and Amazon.

When she realized how awful it was, she developed a toilet-specific backseat adjustment. To ensure the comfort and safety of her daughter and other children who face similar difficulties. After she was pleased, Judy began experimenting with a cardboard box prototype and then established her company, I Got Your Back Baby.

Super Potty Trainer Net Worth


After finalizing the patents, she located a manufacturer in the United States and quickly brought the product to market. The majority of the 400 she created were sold on Amazon, and the reviews matched those she gave to family and friends.

Judy Abrahams and Chris Guerrera founded and operated the Super Potty Trainer idea because they could not progress with potty training their young daughter, Hayat. As is the case with many children, Judy’s daughter was fearful of falling into the institution and evading it at all costs.

This was such a traumatic event for Judy that she decided to resign from her paralegal job to stay at home and come up with a ridiculous solution. After all, she reasoned, she couldn’t be the only one.

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